1. Walk On Air

From the recording Walk On Air


Walk On Air

Verse 1

Oh where are we going, what do you see
Do you feel lost, when you have no path
No I can’t hide, this emptiness inside
Then you come along and make it all right
Then I feel a spark, right between my eyes
That takes all that inner sprit that I have
Where do we go, where we go oh oh

Chorus 1
I feel like I’m walking on air
I don’t know
You said that it would be
I know and I can’t tell why
You make me feel this
But do you feel that way too

Verse 2
The days go by and the nights go on
You come and go, in my mind
Where will this go and where will it lead
I don’t know
No No No
Where do we go, Where do we go oh oh

(Repeat Chorus)


Where do we go, Where do we go oh oh (2x)

Repeat Chrous